Goan Cutlet Pao

Goan Cutlet Pao

Cutlet Pao is a very popular Goan street food that has folks coming out in droves most evenings and lining up at little street-side vendors for their share of this delicacy. Thinly sliced meat that has been tenderized, marinated in spices, coated in semolina and then fried makes this a very simple and delicious dish. Here is my take on it.

1/2 kilogram beef, thinly sliced (approximately 1/4 inch) Note: Pork or Chicken could also be used.
2 - 3 tablespoon green masala (green masala recipe)
1 teaspoon roasted tempero cheiroso (tempero cheiroso recipe)
1 cup semolina (rawa)
salt to taste
oil for frying
chopped veggies for topping (cabbage, carrots, lettuce etc.)

1. Prep your ingredients before you begin to save time while cooking.

2. Tenderize the meat slices using a meat mallet by pounding it on both sides.

3. Add green masala, tempero cheiroso and salt to the tenderized meat.

4. Rub the spices into the meat and let marinate for 30 minutes to an hour.

5. Prep your frying station while the meat is marinating.

6. Place a piece of the sliced meat into the semolina and coat it thoroughly on both sides.

7. Place the coated pieces into a hot pan, with minimal oil and let it fry for a couple minutes.

8. Flip over and fry the other side. The frying process should not take more than a few minutes on each side since the meat is cut thin and has already been tenderized. Note: Over frying will lead to chewy and hard cutlets.

9. Serve hot in bread and top with your favourite condiments and toppings. I've used a mix of cabbage, lettuce and carrots in mine, and applied tomato ketchup to both halves of the bread.


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