Goa Sausage Chilli Fry

Goa Sausage Chilli Fry

Chilli Fry is one of the most common methods of cooking Goa Sausages and is probably one of the most ordered dishes at beach shacks and restaurants in Goa. The spicy sausages, stir fried with onions, potatoes and either green or red chilies is a simple yet tantalizing dish.

1 pound goa sausages (cut in 1" chunks) - goa sausage recipe
3 small or 2 medium onion (cut in small chunks)
2 medium potato (cut in small cubes)
green or red chilli (as per taste)
salt/vinegar to taste

1. Prep your ingredients for cooking. Note: some folks take the casing off the sausage and use just the meat. I prefer leaving them on, because once cooked, popping one of those chunks in your mouth causes them to explode with flavour and juices.

2. Add the cut sausages to the bottom of the pan, along with the chilies.

3. Layer the onions on top of the sausages.

4. Add the cubed potatoes next. Cover and cook for 10 minutes on medium heat so that the sausages start to release it's oils.

5. Mix together the contents of the pan. Cover and continue to cook for another 10 minutes or so. Note: You can add 1/4 to 1/2 cup water at this time if the sausages are too dry. Just enough to help steam/cook the potatoes.

6. Once the potatoes have softened, the chilli fry is technically ready, but I like to dry mine out, so I turn up the heat at this time and stir fry it uncovered for a few more minutes until the excess water dries out. Taste for salt/sourness at this time, and add as required.

7. Turn off the heat once desired consistency is acquired.

8. Plate and serve with warm bread and a cold beer.


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